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Fetch summaries for a given request ID

GET /summarization/{summary_request_id}


    "doc_id": 12345,
	"summary_type": "classic",
	"summary": [
		"The company provided commentary on the fourth quarter and full year 2022 results and then gave an outlook for 2023. He stated that net loan growth is expected to be in the mid-single digits, deposits are expected to remain relatively flat by year-end, the investment portfolio will generate over $40 million of pretax income, net interest margin is expected to be in the 4.35% to 4.45% range, core fee revenue growth is expected in the mid- to high single digits, provision costs are expected to be between 40 to 50 basis points of average loans for the year, and the core efficiency ratio is expected to be in the mid-50s in 2023. The company is excited about the strong growth potential and welcomed any questions attendees may have."
	"created": "2023-01-28T15:38:54",
	"modified": "2023-01-28T15:39:44"

Code Samples


curl --request GET \
  --url '{summary_request_id}' \
  --header 'X-API-Key: xxx'


import requests
    headers={"X-API-Key": "xxx"}
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